MAC as a Partner of Aerospace 3D printing conference

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Can 3D Printing change the aviation industry?

3D Printing can and will change the aviation industry, companies such as Airbus and Boeing are already using 3D printing and if you fly in a plane in the next few years, you are statistically likely to be flying in one that contains 3D printed parts. Not only OEMs, and suppliers are applying 3D Printing, but airlines are seeing the potential and are investing in 3D printing capabilities within their own facilities.

Book your ticket now for the Online Aerospace 3D Printing Conference & find out more about the current applications, proof of concept, challenges & future prospects and opportunities of 3D printing in the aviation industry. There will be live presentations from reputed speakers in the field and you will be able to ask questions directly & also discuss with the speakers & other participants during the coffee breaks.







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